The Currency market has become one of the largest in the world. Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins have emerged as trending topics. It intrigued the masses and people have started investing in this arena.

Forex trader and successful investor, Georgios Dalgkitsis lays down the basics of making it big in this genre of Business.

Hailing from Greece,this young talent was always interested in exploring the boons of digitalization.Be it AI or Blockchain,he always wanted to broaden his horizon.

Georgios Dalgkitsis started off his career in Mayfair,London but lost his job due to unforeseen circumstances.

This didn’t break his morale rather made him stronger. He began diving deep into Cryptocurrency and Bitcoins and understood it’s vast potential. “In the world’s most significant events, new millionaires are made”
And Georgios Dalgkitsis journey to success is a true testament to this phrase.

Georgios Dalgkitsis is not just a successful investor but a wise Cryptocurrency Analyst. His valour and intelligence is making a roar in this field and he is bound to stay and rule.

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