Wellness visionary Ross Franklin is the founder of Pure Green and has quickly become a best-selling author since publishing his book The Founder Success Formula. In the book, Franklin tells his personal success story in his journey on his way to founding Pure Green.

The Founder Success Formula 13 Strategies to Master the Art of Influence & 15 Leadership Tools to Transform Your Company became a number one best-seller on Amazon both on Amazon Kindle and paperback. The book is loaded with actionable leadership tools and strategies that founders and entrepreneurs can use to bring their company to new heights. In the book, Franklin dives deep into the leadership strategies that he has used throughout his career to fully mobilize his team and drive results toward the company’s most important objectives. The book provides entrepreneurs with specific strategies to influence themselves and others and a leadership toolkit with actionable systems and processes.

Here is an excerpt from the book:

Leadership Modeling 

Modeling is a concept from psychology that means copying the behavior of someone else. In the business world, successful leaders leverage modeling by finding someone that has already achieved their version of success or is doing what they want to do and modeling their behavior. Successful people don’t get to where they are or achieve success by accident. They’ve built routines, created rituals, and taken specific actions, whether consciously or unconsciously, that have made them successful.

Spending time with someone and learning how they reached their level of success will allow you to deconstruct the specific patterns or actions that they used to achieve success. The first step is identifying who the ideal person is for you to model, and the next step is tracking them down and getting access to them. The last step is adopting and modeling the actions or behaviors they used to achieve success. By applying the principle of modeling, you can achieve success more rapidly by leveraging specific, proven actions.

Here is the process that you can use to model success:

1.Clearly define how success looks for you

What specifically are you looking to achieve, or what do you want to be exceptional at?

2.Identify the person that you want to model

Who is the best in the world in the area where you want to achieve success?

3.Deconstruct their process

If you are not able to meet this person face-to-face, schedule a Zoom or call them. Look them up online and learn everything you can about them. Watch their Ted-X talks and YouTube videos. Take their online courses and live seminars. Read their books and learn everything you can.

4.Understand their 80/20 actions

In studying the individual you are looking to model, leverage the 80/20 Rule. Typically, 20% of one’s actions accounts for 80% of their results. For the individual you are looking to model, find out which 20% of their actions have led to 80% of their results, and start putting them into action yourself.

5.Take what works and leave the rest

Modeling is not about trying to be a clone of someone. Not everything about the person that you are looking to model accounts for their success, and some of what they do will not be relevant. Take what works, make it your own and put your own unique twist on it, and leave what doesn’t work for you.

The book reveals actionable strategies that Franklin used to build Pure Green into a national brand and can easily be used by any entrepreneur to take their company to the next level.

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