Sarah May Low is a business owner, sociologist, researcher, beauty queen, philanthropist, philosopher, spiritual guru, dance scholar, communication specialist, doctoral candidate, tarot reader, and astrologer. As Malaysia’s No.1 Tarot Reader and Astrologer, Sarah is well recognized in the media. She has been featured on more than 50 different worldwide media platforms. In 2020, Snapchat’s app endorsed her as the only qualified western astrologer in Malaysia.

Sarah had been a ballerina and Latin dancer in her younger days. Since she was four, she has been trained in the RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) dance technique. Even as a youngster, Sarah had always wanted to be a dancer, but she chose to give up dancing once her late father discovered he had lung cancer. Hence, Sarah pursued a “safer” and more practical route by taking up a degree in communications and later pursued work in that field together with top Malaysian dancers Suhaili Michelin, Judimar Hernandez, and Cecilia Yong.

In her teens, Sarah was trained in classical music, opera singing, and musical theatre, performing and traveling with the Operafest Children’s Choir in Malaysia and India.

In 2005, she earned State-level gold medals in 6 events and a gold medal for the overall champion in Rhythmic Gymnastics (ball, hoop, rope, ribbon, freestyle, clubs).

Due to her state-level commitment to athletics, Sarah was chosen Excellent Student of the Year at her graduation year. She had participated in several activities with her school; she was a prefect in elementary and secondary school, secretary of her school’s Red Crescent Society,and she later became the President of her school’s PembimbingRakanSebaya (PRS), a youth counseling group. The Lions Club International program sent her to Japan as a Youth Exchange Student.

During her university years, Sarah worked several job and financed her tertiary education by working as a model, grid girl, usherer, promoter, and kindergarten teacher. In addition to these accomplishments, Sarah was also a child actor, taught ballet at age 16, and worked part-time at a law company in Puchong while in her teens. After getting an A1 (highest distinction) in History, Sarah received an offer from the law company owner to study law. However, she refused this offer.

At Inti University in Subang Jaya, Sarah was a Merit student and she was also the university’s singing idol champion and won Miss VICO beauty contest. Sarah competed in several university-based competitions. Because of this, she often was scouted by talent agencies who were eager to sign her because of her “triple threat” skill. She is a dancer, singer, and actress.


After completing her degree in communications and master degree in performing arts, Sarah is currently working on her doctorate in human communications at the University of Putra in Malaysia.

Her expertise in academics, and her research work includes studies on dance, gender studies, sexuality, interpersonal communication, intimate relationships, romantic communication, computer-mediated communication (CMC), and trust.

After completing a six-month training program, Sarah obtained a Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA) diploma, indicating that she is certified to practice hypnotherapy and hypnosis.

In addition to being a dance therapist, Sarah is also a yoga instructor. In Bali, she obtained the yoga teacher certificate forFlyHighYoga. In 2016, the Selangor Human Resource and Development Centre (SHRDC) helped Sarah acquire a scholarship of RM22,000 and advanced shoe making and shoe design diploma.

Beauty Pageants

As one of the fifteen finalists, Sarah was one of the finalists in the Miss World Malaysia contest in 2009. Sarah was declared Miss Malaysia Earth Energetic 2013 during the Miss Malaysia Earth Energetic 2013 pageant held in Ipoh, Perak.


Sarah is a trained theatre actress, emcee, singer, and dancer. She is also fond of playing the ukulele, a skill she picked up while living in Vietnam. As part of the requirements to complete her shoe design and shoemaking certificate program, Sarah launched her footwear firm. She founded a shoe brand, San D3sign, and a store in Subang Jaya called Sarah May Low Wedding Shoes, which offered footwear for brides-to-be. In the Kuala Lumpur Independent (Indie) Fashion Week, held in Publika in 2016, Sarah was the featured designer.

Over ten years, Sarah was employed in several fields – media, marketing, and advertising, and for the she has had clients from all over the South East Asian region. Before moving home to Malaysia, Sarah’s last position was the Business Development Director of a social media business in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. She was previously the Head of Sales of Malaysia’s number one tech website, After surviving workplace pressures which affected her health and her father’s untimely death, Sarah too the leap of faith and returned home to run Sarah May Low Tarot Academy – alife coaching and spiritual-based business

Back in 2011, when she was living in Auckland, Sarah had the opportunity to study astrology with New Zealand’s best astrologers. After doing a great deal of research on different types of divination and healing, she found her real calling in Tarot and Western Astrology. Sarah returned to Malaysia to teach new-age philosophies and divination skills through Sarah May Low Tarot Academy. Sarah May Low founded the school so that her esoteric community would have a place to practice divination skills, discover inner wisdom, and support personal healing. She passionately advocates for education in her work and has open dialogues about stigmatized issues, such as mental health, gender, cultural oppression, domestic violence, and unhealthy relationships. She is at the forefront of the Millennial Awakening movement in Malaysia, disrupting the spiritual sector. She changed a 600-year-old mystical art, which was widely misunderstood and revolutionized tarot and astrology into a fashionable, youthful, hip, and sexy art form. Johnnie Walker, BMW, Shell, Sisley Paris, and more brands are a part of Sarah’s famous clientele.


As a child, Sarah showed great interest in humanitarian and philanthropic causes. She had become President of the Leo Club of KL Bukit Kiara (known as Omega) while she was a college student. Since she was thirteen, she’s participated in several school-sponsored events with the Leo Club (a Lions Club program for youths) and has raised money for orphanages, old people’s homes, and the poor. She fundraised for the Sungai Buloh Leprosy Control Centre and the Lion Club’s Sight First initiative.

Before joining the Malaysian Mental Health Association, Sarah had participated in mental health first aid training classes offered by the association. She is an advanced-level Chakra healer and worked with the Chinese temple care facilities in Malaysiawhere she helps to tend to old and ailing patients every week. She is a Parliament head for Subang, representing Speak Pemadam Selangor, a national anti-drug NGO in Malaysia. To empower the community and promote mental health, addiction therapy, and anti-drug awareness, she works alongside the Subang community, students, and universities in Subang.

How to reach her

Her studio office is located in Puchong Jaya, Selangor State, in Malaysia. International clients can visit her websites:

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They can also follow her through Facebook and Instagram: @sarahmaylow

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