Mostafa Abedini, a famous Iranian model and singer, recently made a music video due to the large amount of feedback and controversy surrounding his music.

He was born on 6/16/1990. Due to his young age, he has gained many successful experiences in his fields of activity. Mostafa Abedini started his career in the modeling industry in 2014 with the Tehran fashion week fashion show and was able to shine so well in this profession that in 2016 he worked with prestigious international brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Giorgio Armani and… has cooperated.

After his modeling career, in 2018, he unveiled his second talent, which is singing. Mostafa Abedini said about this: “I dreamed of singing since I was a child, and all the time I was working as a model, music accompanied me in my hardships…”

So far, he has managed to publish beautiful and popular songs such as Gomshadeh, Koli, Eshgh, etc.

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