Fun Activity Ideas For A Company Christmas Party

Fun Activity Ideas For A Company Christmas Party

Employees work hard all year round. During the year end, it is common to have some fun at the office for a long awaited Christmas party. Playing games is a great way to start a Christmas party and have fun. Check out the fun Christmas party ideas below to keep your co-workers and managers happy.

1) Photo booth

Without a photo booth for people to capture their memories in, any gathering is incomplete. Add lots of interesting props such as: the Santa hats, beards, reindeer accessories or select the appropriate props if your  party has a theme. For example, for a specific costume party, you might need additional masks and other props that are suitable for this period.

2) Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Secret Santa Claus is another office holiday party crowd pleaser. Who does not like to receive a surprise gift? Ask your staff to draw names  and to set the price ranges. Make sure to notify attendees to wrap the gift in unlabelled gift wrapping paper so as not to give the assigned recipient any clues to who bought the gift. Check here for company Christmas gift ideas.

3) Guess Who Is Santa

This hilarious game is definitely going to make some laughs. Secretly ask or randomly draw one of your co-workers to wear Santa Claus attire. During the start of the event, ask the secret Santa Claus to come into the room and give gifts or make some speech. When Santa Claus is on the stage, ask the audience to guess the identity of the mysterious person. Prepare some simple prizes as a reward for participating and a big prize for the winning guess.

4) Food Truck Fest

Surprised the staff by arranging visits by popular local food trucks that everyone will like. Many trucks offer catering options so employees can step out of the building and the awesome food will be ready for order! While the food is being prepared, invite everyone for back to the decorated meeting rooms to play some games.

5) Holiday Traditional Performance And Narration

In the meeting room during the party, employees can stand up and share their favorite holiday traditions and memories. Encourage everyone to prepare so that they can bring along their past photos and props to back their stories. Ask staff to share some of their favorite traditions like Christmas dishes, decorations, and games they used to play when young.

6) Shaved balloon

This game will create a mess so prepare bibs and towels to those who are playing this game.

Each participant will receive an inflatable balloon and marker. Give them 2 minutes to draw a face on the balloon. Then apply shaving foam to the balloon and spread out with plastic knives. At “start” all players must try to shave all balloons without bursting them. Whoever finish shaving without bursting the balloon is declared the winner.

7) Set Up A Customizable Cocktail Bar

For an activity that people will surely enjoy, set up a custom cocktail bar. You can provide holiday drink recipes or encourage guests to be creative and prepare their own drinks. Not only is this a fun activity for your team, but it also let everyone know who can be a mixologist in their next career!

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