A traveller, Gabriel Maia, has all that it takes to be an excelled photographer.

A passionate photographer of nature from Brazil, Gabriel Maia born in 1961, was all set to bring his Olympus OM-2 camera for capturing the enlightenment of nature into a fine picture that drew attention even by his daughter Rosiane and son Bruno. It all started while the Brazilian photographer in high school captured football shots. He is nostalgic about storing negatives with his first-ever camera at the age of seventeen. As days went by, his photography got shifted to digital capturing and for this, he used first-class Canon and Fuji. He had only one intention in life, and that is to capture the rarest elegance of nature which can be felt only with wide eyes open.

He got into the world of environmental photography when he discovered his interest in capturing nature. His interest was even admired by his son and daughter. He shared a great bond with his daughter in the world of arts and capturing pictures. Sometimes, his daughter Rosiane would be the model in his art. Along with this, she would also accompany him from an early age in shooting across the lenses. She was very keen to acquire the skills of environmental portrait just like her father.

Besides, Gabriel Maia is a traveller who loves to have the reservoir of the rarest of information of nature and environment in terms of time and location. Lately, he revealed that while conversing with some students, he was told about Vogue Italia curated portfolios. This was the duration that led him to go through the hardships required for acquiring the acceptance of Vogue Italia curated portfolios. He started to make strategies and went along with his daughter for a trip to Indonesia in hunting for the best portfolio ever. He took over thousands of photographs and received approval for the Vogue Italia curated portfolios. Now, he acquires a place in Vogue Italia as well as in the Art plus Commerce. However, this victory is also the consequence of the great bond shared by Gabriel with his daughter Rosiane.

Well, Gabriel being excelled in his sense of photography of the beautifying of nature across the world, his daughter too discovered the talents of capturing moments besides modelling in her father’s portrait. There are still more to come from his side apart from giving the world a different view of nature in his portraits.

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