Getting in shape is one of the hardest things for people to do. Many people start out feeling excited about a new weight loss program they just discovered or a workout scheme they plan to implement. They start out in high spirits and show a few signs of progress after a few weeks, but for many of them, they are unable to maintain their progress.

This leaves them discouraged and sad. Often times they are so frustrated that they vow never to go on a workout regime again.

If you have been in those shoes before, then you know what I am talking about.

But have you ever wondered why those things never worked out for you? 

I’ll tell you why, you tried to do it alone. 

I can almost hear you reply that you did it in a gym where you were surrounded by many other people, but that’s not what I am talking about. If you think deeply you will realize that you went through your fitness program all by yourself. Sure, you were surrounded by lots of trainers and instructors and other fitness buffs, but ask yourself, who were you really accountable. 

Who called you to ask you if you were still following the fitness regimen over the weekend? I’m not talking about the trainer you hired, I am talking about your gym partners.

You see we were designed for community and when we operate in isolation, even though we are in the midst of people, we don’t see results as we should. 

That’s just one of the ways martial arts training is better than traditional gyms for getting in shape. You see in a martial arts academy like the one I started with my wife over seven years ago, Tokon Martial Arts in Sacramento, California, you are not just a member of a dojo, you belong to a community of passionate individuals who are all committed to helping you achieve your dreams.

Martial arts has never been about the “one”, it is always about the community. If you are tired of regular work out sessions alone, then join people like yourself in a dojo where you can do it together. 

Visit me today at Tokon Martial Arts, Sacramento, California where you will meet other people to encourage you on your journey.

Take that big step now and watch your physical health thank you for it.   

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