Golden Cala the sole owner of Lensme, the contact lenses brand that was founded in 2013 and exploded in popularity through recent years, can now be found in 5000 points of sales. 

Lensme is tremendously sought after, that agencies across the Middle East are fighting to score exclusive distribution rights to the brand’s products in their regions. Lensme’s brand Ambassador is Yasmine Sabry the prominent Egyptian actress that continuously partners with premium international brands across the world. Today, Golden Cala Lensme caters natural looking cosmetic and optical contact lenses, that cannot be told apart from the retina’s natural color. Lensme continues on dominating the cosmetic, beauty and optical market through sponsoring gargantuan expositions like Dubai’s annual Vision X in which it is a platinum sponsor and Beautyworld where it holds the prestigious diamond sponsorship for the consecutive years of 2018, 2019 and 2020. *Lens Me is looking forward into 2020 establishing market in India, management plans to further capitalize on its global acquisition in India. India is a country it is rooting for since it has lucrative opportunities that its market can offer in near future. The rising product demand from the key geographies as well as the pivotal applications and potential business arenas being the major reason. The main objective of it is to provide high-quality natural looking eyewear to millions of Indians at affordable prices, and by extending services to the remote corners of India. Lensme is a brand of firsts, as it’s the first contact lens brand to be sold in Saudi Arabian Airlines’ Skysales, Fly Nas’ and Flyadeal’s on board stores. In addition to that it is one of the first contact lens brands to be sold in almost all of Saudi Arabia’s pharmacy chains such as Nahdi, Al-Dawaa and Whites to name a few. Lensme does not only dominate the duty-free stores and pharmacies rather it also prevails in Saudi Arabia’s optical stores like Magrabi, Al Duliman and Visionexpress to name a few. Lensme is also available in luxury department stores like Faces and Paris Gallery.

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