You can thank Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge for making some enlightening revelations, including one that is an essential piece of our lives 200 years after the fact.

The German analytical chemist started conducting chemical experiments at a youthful age, recognizing the pupil-dilating impacts of belladonna when he unintentionally sprinkled a drop of the toxic perennial, also called dangerous nightshade, into his eye.

However, an invigorating 1819 disclosure is the reason Google is celebrating Runge’s 225th birthday Friday, by method for an animated Doodle. For after Runge showed his belladonna disclosure to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, he was urged to investigate the chemical makeup of coffee beans, driving a couple of months after the fact to the identification of caffeine as its active ingredient.

Doodles have been a whimsical touch on Google’s search page off and on since the first showed up in 1998. Around then, Google’s co-founders spoofed the customary “out of office” sign by joining the Burning Man symbol into the organization’s corporate logo. From that point forward, the expansion of beautiful – and at times intelligent – graphics to Google’s logo to feature notable people, events, holidays and anniversaries has turned into a custom. Doodles have celebrated, among numerous different things, Pac-Man’s anniversary, Copernicus’ birthday, Mother’s Day and the World Cup, just as helping us to remember lesser-known genuine world heroes.

Conceived in Hamburg, Germany, on Feb. 8, 1794, Runge earned his doctorate from the University of Berlin and proceeded to teach chemistry at the University of Breslau until 1831, when he went to work for a chemical organization until 1852. His other work incorporated the first coal tar dye (aniline blue) and the first extraction of quinoline, which prompted the derivative quinine, a medication used to treat malaria.

Regardless of his contributions to chemistry, Runge died in poverty in 1867 at 73 years old.

First published Feb. 7, 6 p.m. PT.

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