Some of you may know or heard about Alexandra Creteau, she is an established social media Influencer  (with 270Kfan base on Instagram and Youtube combined) and working actress in Hollywood. She used to live in the Boston area and now for the last 4 years she is based in Hollywood.
Alexandra Creteau was born in Ukraine, but she has Russian nationality. At the age of 21, she moved from Russia to the US. At the age of 21, she started to model and signed with a well established modeling agency in the Boston area. She fell in love with acting and decided to continue with modeling and learn more about acting…

 When she was 25 years old, she started to post about her style on Instagram: @alexandracreteau and film vlogs for Youtube channels. She has 2 Russian Youtube channels and English Youtube channel as well.

Alexandra played many roles in different indie short and full feature films. Alexandra not only a stellar actress and successful influencer, she also has 13 medals and 21 diploma`s in karate-do. She did karate for 7 years and kickboxing for 1,5 year. She was a champion of Ukraine in karate-do at the age of 18. We learned from Alexandra`s highlights on her Instagram page, that Alexandra usually considered for Russian Spy or Russian assassin and Hitwoman roles, because she is very experienced in martial arts. Occasionally, she would audition for the “love interest” type roles and vampire roles.

Alexandra not only played roles in different films, she also wrote and directed her own short film: “The imperfect Seduction’’. It is her very first short film, but we heard she is working currently on some big full feature screenplays as a co-writer. Alexandra also co-writer of the e-book on Amazon :“MIAMI SCANDAL: A CRIME INTERRACIAL ROMANCE”

“The imperfect Seduction”- is an intense thriller short film starring our beautifulAlexandra Creteau and very handsome Taylor West.Filmed and edited by Michael Jean.

We watched the teaser trailer with our team and we like the pace and excitement seen in the last part of the trailer. The setting and introduction covers several interesting cinematic scene setups similar to horror or thriller movie trailers…

The Imperfect Seduction focused on a young delivery girl named Mila (played by Alexandra Creteau).

She is courageous and a little bit mysterious. By watching the trailer, we understand, the next customer named Steve will try to kidnap her and will try to keep her against her wishes. This part is really exciting and reminded us of some scenes from popular thriller and horror movies. Mila is a very brave girl, she rebuffs his attempts to seduce her.

The meeting between Mila and Steve, which began very aggressive and so dangerous, undergoes numerous unexpected important transformations.After watching this short film for the first 15 min, you will understand that the characters are imbued with sympathy for each other and eventually fall in love with each other. We feel like this short film has very strong potential and can be transformed into full feature film.

Tagline for this short film, can be found on imdb :

We love the tagline they used, it is very catchy, short enough (the shorter taglines the better) and tells the world what this short film is about.

We found still from one short film “Ambushed”, that Alexandra was part of.  This still is so insane and we can’t wait to see Alexandra on a big screen. We believe she can portray any lead role, as she has a very strong presence in her videos and images she sharing on her social media channels. Her Instagram fans believe in her and support her in her endeavours. We believe Alexandra will reach 1 million followers soon and her fans will be her biggest supporters, no matter what type of role she will decide to pursue in the future.

Alexandra Creteau just recently finished working on a new short film “Vicious Circle”. Our team read that her fiancé David Murrietta, also was taking part in that project. Alexandra and David Murrietta filming couple videos and daily vlogs for their Youtube channel: Dalex Vlogs. They also appear together quite often in their Instagram stories. Power couple!

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