If we go for two decades, the necessity of sportswear was pretty less as people were not knowing its importance. 

With time passed sports in every country raised with that style change of athletes from ordinary to different and we started to see individual clothing brands in games which we know as Sportswear companies who provide best equipment, clothes and everything to sports athletes in every field. Many big names are ruling the sportswear market from the past one to two decades.

From regular to the brand journey of every sports company has been fantastic lots of things have changed today. We are looking for more perfect stuff in sports, so top brands too are facing fierce competition in the business.

To produce activewear clothes is not easy, you have to be useful in the design and choice of clothes should be suitable for every sport.

Helal Jr., who recently joined the business, feels its massive, market of sport is more significant than anyone can think. You have to bring something fresh and trendy things. 

Helal Jr., who himself is an MMA boxer, knows what can be the best for fighters. So with his BXGLAB, he is trying to bring comfort, proper finish and safety with his BXGLAB. 

Helal Jr. knows the importance of sportswear. According to him, sportswear should absorb sweat better than daily clothes. In boxing, you sweat a lot, so you need proper attire and equipment and pairs of gloves which remain dry and in shape. Helal Jr. is also focusing on giving sportswear where an athlete can move quickly. 

Helal jr. – BXGLAB:

BXGLAB is Helal Jr. dream venture, being an athlete he wants to give something back to the sports community. He is creating a brand with some fantastic products in his BXGLAB. Slowly-slowly Helal Jr. company is ruling the boxing market. He is able to give stylish things to Boxers with his BXGLAB. 

We feel Helal Jr. BXGLAB will go much far like other top sporting brands in the world as he is creating some classy for athletes.

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