Helping Other People Win: How Andrew James Approaches Business

Helping Other People Win: How Andrew James Approaches Business

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned along this journey?

No one reacted well when I told them I was dropping out of college to become an entrepreneur. Everyone thought I was crazy. My parents weren’t happy about it. But my mentor in Australia put it this way: if you want results, you can’t listen to people who don’t have what you want. So I started paying attention to who I listened to and who I took advice from. It changed my whole mindset around the decisions I was making and how I should proceed.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?

I’m really proud of the company I’ve built. We’ve scaled past seven figures and it’s not slowing down. More importantly, though, I’m proud to say we’ve built an ecosystem where everyone wins. Oasis is only successful because we’re connecting good people with good products. We’re making money the right way by helping others, and allowing them to create freedom in their own lives. The key to good business and to a good life is creating win-win situations, and I’m happy to know we’ve done that.

What motto do you live by?

It has to be a win-win or it’s not sustainable. My mentor said that to me when I started out. I was trying to figure out how to grow my business, and he taught me that it’s all about balance. There are two sides to everything. If you can strike a balance between the needs of all involved, you can succeed in almost anything.

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