We often hear stories of people making it from rags to riches. However, not everyone shares their success formula with others. 

Jason Jouan, a 27-year old Real Estate entrepreneur and investor from the UK is different. His story from rags to riches is certainly an inspiring one but more inspiring than that is the fact that Jason remains open to sharing his learnings, failures, and lessons along the way.

Starting out, Jason did not have access to resources and tools that would set him up for a financially free life. Even though he landed a role as a Financial Analyst at a Fortune 500 company, Jason recalls those days as ‘unfulfilling and monotonous’. This is when he quit his job at the Fortune 500 firm to try out something more interesting, i.e, Real Estate and Properties.

Today, Jason has come to be regarded amongst the most reputable Real Estate advisors and investors in London. He has expanded his real estate empire and closed multiple six-figure deals after entering the industry as a young 21-year old. 

Within less than a decade in the industry, Jason Jouan boasts a multi-million dollar portfolio of . real estate investments. His investors are assured a 10-12% ROI while investing in his deals.

But how did Jason achieve all of this during his mid 20s?

Early on in his university days, Jason Jouan wanted to do something different and stand out from the crowd. He worked 12 hours a day during his university time. He networked hard, attended events about real estate investing and financial seminars, and focussed on his goal of creating value for others.

After working for some time in a Fortune 500 firm, Jason invested £10,000 to educate himself about the ins and outs of the real estate industry. Around this same time, he also met Samuel Leeds, who he now refers to as his business mentor.

Jason Jouan is a master negotiator and knows what he is buying when it comes to Real Estate. His success story has been covered by international media houses including Yahoo Finance, Influencive, and Verna Magaizne.

When asked about what his top tip for young hustlers are, Jason Jouan said: ”Always try to learn from others and remember that your network is your net worth. I think that if you know the people, your journey to success can be accelerated. And lastly, don’t be disappointed and let-down by failures and they are a part of every entrepreneur’s life.”

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