The young top-shelf music artist Roxé brings a positive gospel sound to Hip Hop with his latest music video JESUS (kingdom of love). The young artist makes it looks easy and has the background that has given him the foundation for his career.

Born and raised in West Chester, Ohio, Roxé comes from a family of entertainers. This influenced a decision to attend Full Sail University at 18 to take his skills to the next level. As Roxé says “Full Sail was instrumental in training and providing the tools I needed”. When listening to Roxé’s music, it shows through his musicality and ability to make catchy melodies as well as hooks. On top of this, Roxé also has a long background as a dancer which is a skill he uses often when performing.

All of this experience came together in his recent and debut release “JESUS (kingdom of love)”. It’s along the lines of something most have never heard in the Hip Hop or Gospel genres. As this is just the beginning, Roxé has promising potential in the Gospel/Hip Hop music industry.

More to come from Roxé as he gets ready to share more of his art with the world. Make sure to keep up with Roxé on instagram and major streaming platforms.

Music Video:

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