How autonomous security technologies are ensuring protection of GPS-enabled systems

How autonomous security technologies are ensuring protection of GPS-enabled systems

The technology for autonomous vehicles continues to develop at a rapid pace, so does the proliferation of video analytics, powered by artificial intelligence. It has been one of the biggest trends in the security industry over the last few years, while AI is also improving across segments. On the other hand, the same pattern seems to be developing with the security of vehicles and critical infrastructure.  

Autonomous systems are growing with the integration of technologies in various applications, especially the transportation. The reliance on GPS-enabled autonomous systems has increased the need to protect the devices from jamming and spoofing. Infinidome, a cyber start-up has developed detection and protection solutions for wireless communications of connected and autonomous vehicles, UAVs and Critical Infrastructure.  

GPSdome, the first product of Infinidome, is the world’s first non-military GPS anti-jammer/anti-spoofer, which is commercially available and deployed worldwide. It protects trucks, UAVs, critical infrastructure and vehicles. The company is making its way forward in the mobility technology, having received funds from the Luxembourg-based firm Boundary Holding, led by Rajat Khare

The GPS jamming is an uncomplicated technique that can simply drown out the transmissions from GPS satellites. It can be either carried out deliberately or unintentionally. Thus, it becomes important to safeguard GPS-based timing systems for Critical Infrastructure Networks, Unmanned Aerials Systems (UASs) and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCVs) from jammers, especially in critical missions.  

This is where autonomous security technologies can be easily installed in any GPS-based system to ensure protection from various disruptions, similar to anti-virus. They allow the industries to continue relying on the availability of GPS for navigation, sensor fusion, short range communications, etc.

With investments in autonomous technology, the potential to bring massive transformation across industries is being realized. The time is ripe to further enrich the existing system with artificial intelligence and analytical capabilities to ensure comprehensive protection of GPS-enabled autonomous systems.

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