A new bill, Senate Bill 10, introduced on October 1, 2019, considerably changed the bail system in California. The bill proposes the elimination of cash bail, and it might be a bit confusing to many. This change in bail schedule can impact the lives of many opting for bail in California. Continue reading this article to learn about the possible changes in the bail system.

Why Choose Bail: When one is arrested with a criminal charge, he is taken to police custody where he must remain until bailed out. The sensible thing is to opt for bail, ensuring the physical and mental safety of the defendant. A defendant is charged with a crime and not proven guilty yet, therefore shouldn’t be subjected to punishments. But staying locked up while waiting for the trial is itself a punishment. The trial could take place in a few days, or it may take months. Why should anyone wait that long knowing that he is innocent?

  • That is why the best possible way to get out of jail is to opt for bail. Those who cannot pay the full sum in cash might go for surety bail. They will require a bail bondsman to post the bail on their behalf.
  • In most counties in California, one is supposed to pay only 10 percent to the bail bondsmen, and the rest of the amount will be paid by the bail firm. It is always better to opt for a local bail business for quick bail. For instance, bail bonds Ventura County provide a fast and easy bail service to the local defendant and help them get back to normalcy.

Bail Conditions: Once someone is out on bail, he must follow certain bail restrictions laid down during the bail. Violating the conditions will lead to an immediate arrest; therefore, be mindful of the specific rules.

  • The arrestee might be put under house arrest so that his moves are monitored with electronic gadgets. He is not allowed to leave the state or contact the victim while he is out on bail. Electronic monitoring helps detect the physical movement of the defendant. He must also submit his driver’s license and passport to the authority. 
  • He might be required to wear a SCRAM or secure continuous remote alcohol monitor to detect alcohol consumption at all times. It is an alcohol bracelet that monitors the alcohol level of the wearer by testing the sweat of the body. Most DUI offenders are made to wear such bracelets to be monitored 24×7.

Failing to appear in court on the set date will get a defendant in further trouble. Bail is not an easy escape from the law; it is not a free pass to get away with committing a crime. It is a fair process of helping an innocent victim to get out of jail while preparing for a fair trial. While on bail, one should utilize the time to find an experienced lawyer to represent him in court.