How growing up in New York City influenced Sean Diamond to become a jeweler

How growing up in New York City influenced Sean Diamond to become a jeweler

Custom jewelry is all the hype lately and the Diamond District, New York is one of the main hubs of it. Sean Diamond is among the jewelers who run the show and cater to every need of the customers. He will be sharing his personal experience as a jeweler and most importantly what inspired him to become a jeweler.

“I got mesmerized by the shine and luster of jewelry from a very young age. At first, I was only upgrading and trading my personal jewelry but then I started helping out friends and family with their jewelry. It helped me realize that I have a passion for custom jewelry,” shares Sean Diamond. Having exposure to the world of jewelry gave him the right exposure. Sean showed off his skills in the form of his collection of jewelry. He often traded it with others or sold it to close friends that were interested in buying it. This led to Sean Diamond discovering a newfound passion and expertise for custom jewelry.

 “What inspired me the most was how people felt when they wore my jewelry. They were genuinely proud of my custom pieces and it often made them the center of attention. Hearing all that always made me feel ecstatic,” adds Sean. The biggest inspiration according to Sean is the response he got from those who purchased his custom jewelry. A feeling of accomplishment and gratification took over him when got to know about the boosted confidence his clients got after wearing his jewelry to events. Making custom jewelry is no less than making art. It is why Sean Diamond got the feeling of an artist being praised for his masterpieces.

Sean was quick to make a name for himself in the jeweler’s community and had a wide network at his disposal. “Once I officially entered the business, everyone knew who I was. My top-quality jewelry and excellent networking skills led me to be in touch with the best jewelers in NYC. It was the best feeling in the world that I was able to turn my dream into a career that paid,” said Sean. Having a superior skillset both as a jeweler and a networker helped Sean establish himself as a jeweler in the Diamond District. Sean utilized his natural skills to his benefit and made his dream come true. Pursuing it as a passion rather than a profession is what makes Sean stand out.

The hustle and success of Sean Diamond will not be limited to New York City. He is leading the growth of the Diamond District to the Miami beaches from the forefront. “After being urged by my clients in Miami to branch out there, I am working on bringing the signature Diamond District quality there”, adds Sean in the end. Sean Diamond will be catering to his wide client base in Miami who know him for the A1 customer service he delivers each time.

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