What were you doing when you were 17 years old? Probably mugging up notes for your board exams or thinking about meeting up with friends after school for a gedi or discussing the latest in music with your gang of boys or girls. Well, at 17 years of age, Lakshya Khandelwal is quite different! He is a successful digital marketer.

Digital marketing is an essential part of the marketing strategy of every small and big company or venture in today’s world. Getting a digital marketing expert on board is as important as ever too. This involves much more than getting a website designed or a few web pages installed.

That is where Lakshya Khandelwal comes in! He will turn your average brand into a top performer through its well-thought-out strategy of digital marketing.

Lakshya is a young technology expert whose digital marketing techniques are sought after by many top entrepreneurs across India. With the rise of internet usage in India, companies are looking for powerful digital solutions to their marketing needs and even assigning a set amount of budget for the same.

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