Home is where the heart is and without any doubt, the heart is where food is, that is the kitchen. The place where one’s heart is present needs extra spice. The modular kitchens have been a storm in adding the chic look and elegance to the kitchen. The modular kitchen is the latest replacement to the conventional kitchen or the carpenter made kitchen. It is a recent innovation of contemporary design that consists of readymade modules and kitchen sets that are put together to complete the kitchen. Gone are the days when the kitchens were dull and dusty. The modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai have made the look of the kitchen as interesting as cooking.

The way for convenient cooking

Modular kitchen, in addition to being sleek, is way more convenient to work with than the traditional kitchen. It put a maximum of space to use even if the kitchen is small. The organization that modular kitchen provides has ensured a clutter-free environment to work with. A clutter-free environment has proven to improve work efficiency by a few folds. But selecting the perfect modular kitchen to match one’s style and the taste is sure to pose a challenge. For selecting the perfect modular kitchen, a few things have to be taken into consideration to put the available space to maximum utilization. This is a guide for those who are overwhelmed by the concept of the modular kitchen.

Selection of modular kitchen

The best thing about the modular kitchen is that it can be customized according to the requirements of the customer. The color, finish, layout, arrangement, and kitchen appliances everything is according to the customers’ preference. The thing that one has to do is just decide everything according to the kitchen space. A few steps to select the perfect modular kitchen that suits one’s taste is as follows

Choose the layout

This can be a bit confusing. Not because of the available options. The layout that fits perfectly for a particular kitchen has to be carefully chosen. The available custom layouts are l shape layout, u shape layout, parallel layout, island layout, and the peninsular layout. While the L-shape layout is perfect for small home and less space, the U-shape layout and the island layout is apt for large living spaces and commercial places. A breakfast table can be integrated along the width of the layout if needed.

The module selection

With the selection of a layout half, the work is done but the other half is in choosing the right module that fits the layout. The modules have to be selected based on the need. Each module will have a shelf, drawer, or large compartments. Every module has its advantages and uses. The shelf modules are less expensive than a drawer or pullout. There are wall mount shelves which maximize the use of kitchen space. Wall mounts are either hinged or lift up among which hinged are cheap. The key to the perfect modular kitchen lies in the ideal balances of shelves drawers and pullouts.

The material matters

Once the selection of layout and module is done then the remaining process is going to be fun as it is the pure reflection of self. Quality is the first preference. For the modular kitchen to be long-lasting, high-quality materials have to be used. It has to water and termite resistant. Materials like plywood last for up to a period of 10 to 15 years.

The fascinating finish

This section in the selection of a modular kitchen is really exciting and fun. Though there is an overwhelming variety of choices like the one provided by modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai, it won’t be exhausting. Their choices will reflect the personality of the individual. The customs looks that a manufacturer provides are modern, classic, and contemporary. There is an array8 of finishes that are available in theses looks including glass finish, matte finish, and acrylic finish.

Confirm the countertop

 This is the last step to the right modular kitchen. The types of countertop available are granites, solid surfaces, and stones like Cesar. The countertop selected should be the best value for money. Granite is mostly preferred as it has the best value for money and is stain proof. Also, choose the right appliances that fit your perfect modular kitchen.

Executing these steps can make the dream of a modular kitchen come true. There are a lot of modular kitchen manufacturers in Mumbai who provide the top-notch modules that match every person’s personality and style.

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