Amazon announced some huge updates to the Alexa voice assistant at its Sept. 24 occasion. From adding more privacy settings to diminishing the occasions you need to state the wake word, these highlights guarantee to make your Amazon Echo experience better.

Here’s the way to utilize the new Alexa features Amazon reported. Note that some won’t be accessible until later this year.

Communicate with Alexa without saying the wake word each time

Alexa hasn’t generally been known as conversational. At the point when you continually need to state “Alexa” for each and every assignment – even seconds separated – it very well may be frustrating. Luckily, the voice assistant is getting an upgrade called characteristic turn-taking that lets you communicate with Alexa without saying the wake word like clockwork.

You’ll have the option to enact Alexa’s conversational mode by saying “Alexa, join our conversation.” Multiple individuals will have the option to collaborate with the voice colleague without saying the wake word. You can even interrupt. Amazon indicated a case of two individuals requesting a pizza, both talking to and fro with Alexa on the size of pizza to arrange.

Instruct Alexa new tricks

You’ll before long have the option to teach Alexa with another element called intuitive instructing. On the off chance that Alexa isn’t sure what you’re requesting that it do, it will begin asking you inquiries to realize what you need it to do.

For instance, on the off chance that you advise Alexa to set the parlor light to slow down mode, it’ll state, “I don’t know what wind-down mode is. Can you teach me?” You would then be able to tell the voice colleague that breeze down mode implies faint the lights. Whenever you ask Alexa to play out the undertaking, it will recollect what to do.

Alexa can erase all voice interactions

A year ago, Amazon included a setting that let you erase all that you had recently said. This year, Amazon declared that you would now be able to erase each interaction you’ve had with Alexa with only one order. To do as such, simply state “Alexa, delete everything I’ve ever said.”

Already, you’d need to erase all discussions with the voice partner by going into the Alexa application privacy settings.

Alexa can assist you with review your privacy settings

Not certain where to discover the Alexa security settings? Alexa would now be able to help. Simply ask, “Alexa, how do I review my privacy settings?” Alexa will at that point send a connect to the Alexa application that says Review your security settings.

At the point when you tap the link, it takes you to the Alexa Privacy page where you can make changes to your voice history, detected sounds, smart home gadgets, skill permissions and Alexa information.

Alongside these new Alexa highlights, the company likewise reviewed its new line of spherical Echo speakers, a flying drone for inside your home and children’s Echo speakers with creature plans.

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