Sunita Ahuja was “extremely young and modern” when Govinda and Sunita first met, he said. He admitted that he was afraid of dating her and being accused of being a “kid molester” because of her age.

Govinda and his wife Sunita Ahuja recently discussed their courtship and first encounter in an interview. They claimed Sunita was the one who struck first after being challenged by a relative of hers who was also linked to the star to impress Govinda. When they started dating, she claimed it took her more than a year of wooing. Govinda recounted their initial meeting and admitted he was hesitant to date her because she was barely 15 at the time.

Because Sunita was so young at the time, Govinda was concerned about being branded a “child molester”; the actor claimed to be around 21 at the time. Govinda’s maternal uncle’s wife’s sister is named Sunita. On March 11, 1987, Govinda and Sunita exchanged vows. Sunita was just 18 years old when Govinda, then 24, got married.

Son Yashvardan Ahuja, born in March 1997, and daughter Tina Ahuja, born in July 1989, are the children of Govinda and Sunita. Sunita had stated in January of this year that Govinda would shortly introduce Yashvardhan in movies. “The (Covid-19) lockdown caused Yashvardhan’s debut to be postponed. About his launch, we are negotiating with a few parties. Because it will be his debut film, we want reputable production companies and a compelling story. For his stage debut, my kid is working very hard. He is actively working on his physical appearance, acting, dancing, and other activities. She had previously told ETimes, “We’ll launch him soon.

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