On the off chance that you’ve been having issues syncing information over your Apple gadgets, you’re in good company. Apple is detailing (through 9to5Mac) blackouts over a few of its iCloud administrations, including backups, schedules, Find My, photographs and even sign-ins.

The company just noted on its status page that “a few clients” were influenced, yet the disappointments seem to have begun around 9AM Eastern were all the while progressing as of 1PM.

We’ve approached Apple for input. Other significant administrations like Apple Music, FaceTime and Siri were all the while working appropriately as we composed this.

The issue comes a long time after a blackout that influenced both iCloud and Apple’s media administrations.

It additionally follows only a short time after the presentation of Apple One, where iCloud stockpiling (likewise influenced by the blackout) assumes a significant job. The circumstance is not exactly ideal, to say the least, regardless of whether this is probably going to be a little break in the more grander plan of things.

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