How did Idrees establish himself as a leading online entrepreneur at such young age? Read on to know how.

Tell us a bit about your early life and background?

Born and brought up in Toronto, Canada, I was always intrigued and fascinated by the blossoming trend of nifty sneakers and shoes. I was amazed by how rapidly the market was growing tenaciously and dramatically affecting the fashion industry. Opening up the cabinet of curiosities, I started collecting pristine sneakers by working and saving up money to fulfil my desires. Over the years, I developed a kindling passion for the domain and an ardor for this flourishing industry which made me venture into the business industry. With the power of revolutionising technology and the internet, I started selling my tremendous collection of opulent and exclusive sneakers online. Swimmingly in no time, I was surprised to see that I had gained a huge consumer base and there was copious amounts of demand for sneakers in the market.

How did you start your grand venture ‘Woiair’?

Recognising the astounding results with this little online project of mine and the power internet beholds, I decided to expand my business and launch my very own e-commerce company ‘Woiair’. The online retailing platform sells eminent and trendy sneakers at a very low price. The company also sells premium merchandise and goodies. Analysing the potential this industry holds, I decided to tap into other niches as well  and diversify the Woiair brand. So it now deals with the real estate domain and sells apartments and luxury homes. I have also invested heavily in the stock market and forex to increase sales and productivity which in turn really has generated profits and contributed to the company’s growth. I personally feel that my years and years of

hard work and efforts finally bore the well deserved fruit when Woiair was deemed as one of the leading sneaker reselling companies in Canada.

Any future plans for Woiair?

To meet the immense demands and catapult the sales of the company, I am thinking of branching out to brick and mortar stores and leasing retail shops in LA and Toronto. Recognising the consumer behaviour, Our company has collectively decided to provide a personal touch and open shops wherein people can optimally shop and look at our quality products. This also in turn reduces online risk which has hindered a lot of sales.

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