In March 2021, Intel’s next-gen “Rocket Lake-S” drops will fight Zen 3

In March 2021, Intel’s next-gen “Rocket Lake-S” drops will fight Zen 3

Intel’s next-gen Rocket Lake-S series supposed for March 2021, could be revealed at CES 2021 in January – will fight AMD Zen 3.

We’re under 48 hours from AMD disclosing it’s next-gen Zen 3 CPU design and next-gen Ryzen processors, with some new breaks on Intel’s cutting edge Rocket Lake-S arrangement developing.

Intel’s new Rocket Lake-S seems to be interesting as it will be viable with existing 400-arrangement motherboards (LGA1200).

Yet, we are to expect Intel and its motherboard accomplices to disclose another age of 500-arrangement motherboards, where the leader Z590 chipset should make a big appearance with the new eleventh Gen Core CPUs.

The first plan was for the most recent 14nm+++++++ chips to be dispatched some place around December 2020 to January 2021, yet now we’re expecting an uncover at CES 2021 and dispatch in March 2021 as per the most recent from VideoCardz.

A fascinating turn here is that the leader Rocket Lake-S processor would be a 8-core/16-thread CPU, which is a bit strange as the current flagship Core i9-10900K processor is a 10-core/20-thread CPU.

We ought to anticipate more subtleties on Rocket Lake-S over the coming months, while Zen 3 introductions.

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