Every bride has a very unique spot in her heart reserved only for weddings. There are many things she leaves behind but also brings with her as a new beginning and home dawn. As she moves forward to create new memories in her blissfully married life, the joy of the little things takes precedence.

Where life takes a leap, a new beginning is in store for her, but the modest memento from her old existence is what means the most to her. When Kiara Advani enters the Mohey-Dulhan Wali campaign, it’s like a breath of fresh air. Every bride-to-be or lady who has already passed that stage can relate to her feelings and the story she narrates.

As Kiara is seen getting rid of her wedding gifts and packing the car with all the memories that her life at home recounts, the lovely tale of the bride develops naturally. She brings these superfluous but deeply significant materialistic mementos of affection with her to her new home to make it seem like home, from her soft toy to her badminton racket.

Mohey aspires to continually cherish life’s modest pleasures and the sincere feelings that go along with them. For the bride, the wedding day is the most precious day of her life, and her wedding trousseau must have that emotional resonance in order for her to experience the Dulhan Wali Feeling. Cut to these unique designs for the contemporary bride, each of which features superb craftsmanship and brilliant colour.

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