From consuming warm water in the early morning to having a nutritious and timely diet, different people try different ways to instill fitness in their life. The prerogative of a healthy lifestyle has colossally changed after the pandemic. Tell us if we are wrong… but even you went surfing on Google to find ways to say fit. Didn’t you? While for a lot of people, it took a pandemic to realise the importance of fitness, individuals like Zinobia Mistry have always understood it!

She considers fitness to be the biggest asset in human life. And isn’t she right? We spend a lifetime gaining financial stability, occupying properties one after the other, building mansions, and whatnot. While the silent majority considers all these things ‘assets’, Zinobia calls them materialistic happiness, which cannot succeed over health.

She says, “The real assets of a person are their physical and mental health, not the materialistic things that they may acquire. All this luxury is of no use if you are risking your mental well-being for that.” Zinobia Mistry further added, “You should learn to maintain a balance between your personal and work life. Focus on making fitness habits a part of your lifestyle. Indulge in activities like meditation, workouts, yoga, sports, etc., and follow healthy eating habits.”

Zinobia is an eminent digital creator and often shares small bits about her fitness routine. She goes to the gym daily and believes in consuming a nutritious and colourful diet. She constantly emphasises the importance of physical fitness and mental well-being through her posts.

Seeing her robust lifestyle, Zinobia Mistry has always fetched a chance to work with different brands. Currently, she is the brand ambassador of the fitness brand, My Protein.

Zinobia Mistry is highly admired on social media for her beauty and fashion content. She is a true diva, and we can say that just by looking at her profile. She has worked with different brands and various fashion labels. Besides this, Zinobia is also a PR professional and has worked on the promotion of films like Rashtra Kavach Om and Laal Singh Chaddha.

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