During this period, in addition to wheelchairs, we identified a large number of disabled people who needed artificial legs and provided them with artificial legs.

In addition, we bought houses for 5 families who had no shelter. The story of them becoming housewives also goes back to the night of dreams.

It rained heavily that night.

In one of the streets, the landlord threw out the tenant’s furniture and the family was sitting next to their furniture that night.

This scene was very sad.

I wrote on my page that rain is beautiful, but it is not beautiful for this family.

I decided to provide shelter for 5 other families in addition to this family.

Fortunately, with the help of people, their housing deposit was prepared and I was able to mortgage houses for all these families.

In the meantime, we bought those who did not have adequate means of living.

I also documented all the stages of preparing the house and moving furniture and presented them with the key to the house.

I have given thousands of wheelchairs to needy people and good memories are recorded in my heart.

The day we took 6 wheelchairs for the disabled to Hormuz Island by boat, or delivering wheelchairs to a peddler’s mother and helping two young blind peddlers in Gorgan whose belongings were stolen and…

All are good memories for me that I will never forget.

About 60 families who didn’t have money and were living in the park got houses and jobs for these loved ones.

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