There’s no questioning that bananas are a nutritious food—in addition to the fact that they are a magnificent wellspring of potassium, magnesium, and B nutrients, but on the other hand they’re pressed with filling fiber and malignant growth battling cancer prevention agents.

“The admonition indications of eating such a large number of bananas would be equivalent to eating a lot of any food—awkward totality and stomach related inconvenience”.

There are a few reasons why you may encounter some unsavory GI results in case you’re ingesting too much of bananas consistently. As per scientists at Makerere University, this natural product contains a lot of tannic corrosive, which is innocuous in little dosages yet can cause various results in enormous sums. For the time being, ingesting a ton of tannic corrosive can cause clogging—and in the long haul, it can adversely affect your microbiome (or gut wellbeing).

Another factor to consider is that bananas contain a characteristic sugar liquor called sorbitol, which can trigger diuretic like impacts in your body when you burn-through a ton of it. Bananas are likewise stuffed with solvent fiber, a particular sort of carb that is known to cause gas. At the point when your body begins separating both the sorbitol and the solvent fiber together, it produces carbon dioxide, methane gas, and hydrogen—which may bring about fart, among other awkward GI impacts. Especially among individuals who are as of now managing stomach related problems, eating a lot of the solvent fiber found in bananas can prompt swelling and obstruction.

Also, on the off chance that you haven’t been eating a fiber-rich eating regimen, and unexpectedly began eating a ton of bananas—it takes a ton of work for your digestive organ to separate the dissolvable fiber, and when it gets over-burden, you may encounter gas and additionally swelling.

Honestly, eating bananas consistently shouldn’t cause these results except if you as of now have a stomach related turmoil. Strangely, bananas—particularly less ready ones—are high in safe starch, which advances gut wellbeing while additionally avoiding blockage and gas. In any case, specialists say all that needs to be said to eat them with some restraint for a few reasons.

The primary concern to ask yourself is whether the measure of bananas you’re devouring is making you surpass your calorie or carb needs—or pass up supplements from other food sources.

“90% of the calories in bananas come from carbs, and it’s critical to have wellsprings of protein and fat in your eating routine too,” he clarifies. “Additionally, bananas devoured without including a wellspring of protein and fat too can cause glucose spikes that may cause you to feel dormant.”

For balance, Harris-Pincus suggests matching bananas with Greek yogurt and nuts or curds and chia seeds—that way, you’re getting a portion of solid fat and protein too.

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