Jose Arias: One Of The Most Leading Social Media Marketer, Influencer And Advisors In New York City

Jose Arias: One Of The Most Leading Social Media Marketer, Influencer And Advisors In New York City

Slick marketing, creative content writing, and awareness have resulted in Jose Arias’ astounding success.

Social media influencers have set an image of being limited only to larger businesses. But with the advent of time, more and more influencers have managed to push small businesses in a big league with their dedicated following and imaginative marketing techniques. Jose Arias is one such young entrepreneur, who is a social media influencer-marketer to build an audience and earn money via product placements and slick marketing. Jose knew what he wanted to do in his life when he was 16 and got an overwhelming response to his posts on Instagram. The 1994-born boy dropped out of college and began his social media journey. Arias also learned through a lot of courses online and understood the essence of getting a good engagement rate. Arias became an influencer after developing a loyal fan-base of his memes that he posts @dawg.

To engage a huge percent of its users, companies have started hiring influencers to market their products online. However, to make the most out of an influencer, the companies must take into account the various techniques. Jose Arias sharing his abundant knowledge and experience listed the following techniques:-

1. Supply and Demand: As per the company’s product, it should determine the right social networks to be used for the influencer marketing campaign. Arias is of the opinion that supply and demand help in regulating the cost of engagement.

2. Collaborative effort: When a company partners with influencers, their ROI automatically goes up. The influencer must feel about advocating the product very naturally. Arias believes that in a collaborative effort, the influencer will also be concerned about the product’s success and will go that extra mile to build a higher engagement rate.

 3. Local is Vocal: Jose Arias is of the opinion that companies should gradually move up to high-level celebrity influencers like him, and should start with a local influencer. If a restaurant wants to grow its reach online, then it should hire a local influencer who would be more in tune with the area or locality of it and will help build the brand more.

 4. High Engagement: Instead of focusing on the likes or comments or the shares of your product’s posts, companies must hire influencers who have a high engagement rate. As per Arias, many influencers don’t have huge likes and comments numbers, but still do have a loyal base of followers who engage with their posts in one way or another.

 5. Pricing: Influencers are motivated to engage your product more if you pay them well. It is necessary to give influencers the proper amount of money and also to aptly price your product. Jose Arias believes the greatest influencer cannot push the product more if the product itself is priced badly.

Jose Arias owns a media company that manages OnlyFans models, meme pages, influencers and international models. Jose Arias has emerged as a leading influencer-marketer in social media and is personally growing at a rapid pace. Jose Arias publishes interesting posts live videos that’ll help users to grow and establish their personal and business presence on social media via his Instagram Account @papii

A famous Indian entrepreneur, educationist, and businessman, Romy Johnson, presently based in Canada, is the founder and owner of Cool Gurus, Xaare, Fames Media, British Indian Academy, and serves as a CEO as well of these companies. Jose Arias, the prominent name in the social media influencing and marketing field, was interviewed by Romy.

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