In recent decades, the public has by and large woken up to the importance of good dental hygiene. Remarkably, this sector of health used to be the purview of the rich and the famous because a smile was that important. Now, however, people have started understanding the significance of their smiles, and the dental sector is booming like anything. One of the champions of this field is Juan Carlos Izquierdo DMD, Founder and CEO of Moderna Dental Corp, who has succeeded in changing the landscape of dentistry in Florida, USA.

“We established Moderna Dental Corp to help support local communities with unparalleled dental care,” said Dr. Izquierdo. And it has been proven true. With the enormous potential to grow, the dental sector is one sector where investments could prove to be of immense profit in the long run. Moderna Dental already has upgraded equipment to suit the need of the hour. “I have been very interested in bringing out the best in a smile and to that end, I founded Moderna Dental and fitted it with cutting-edge technology to offer our highly advanced services accurately,” added Dr. Izquierdo. He has even introduced implant placement with robot guidance, 3D imaging, and scanning with the latest high-tech gadgets, tomography, and more. All of these facilities have been added to the Dr. Izquierdo design facility in Coral Gables, Florida.

“Growing up in Cuba, my sister was the first one to try to become a dentist. We both had the dream, but for some reason, she was unable to fulfill it. So, I decided to finish mine and become a dentist at any cost,” said Dr. Izquierdo. After finishing dental schooling in Boston, Dr. Izquierdo traveled widely through Europe, Brazil, and the United States, attending various courses and learning even more tricks of the trade.

Dr. Izquierdo’s efforts and rigorous dedication to his art have allowed him to flawlessly incorporate all the styles of dentistry he has learned on his travels into his technique. Today, it reflects in his Florida dental facility. His approach has benefitted many of his patients and has even changed the face of dentistry in America.

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