Kaira Ra sheds Light on the Sophia Code Foundation and Its Support to Victims of Rape

Kaira Ra sheds Light on the Sophia Code Foundation and Its Support to Victims of Rape

There are but a few experiences less traumatic than suffering a sexual assault. Those who have survived it will find themselves trying to repair a multitude of damages that include damage to their psyche, self-esteem, and overall mental health. It can be hard to identify where to turn to in the aftermath of such trauma. It is at this confusing crossroads that Kaia Ra extends a spiritual hand to those in need of support. Kaia Ra holds many titles as she provides guidance and support to many people, through countless means. Ra is known as a Divine Feminine teacher, speaker, ceremonialist, and medicine woman. Above all of this though, she and her divine creation The Sophia Code Foundation,are known as a beacon of healing.

Founded in 2018,The Sophia Code Foundation was created to bring together the wounded spirits and voices of the world, and empower them through Divine Feminine resources that aim to revive them through spiritual awakening. With the creation of The Sophia Code Foundation, Ra hoped to provide aid, support, and spiritual rehabilitation to rape victims. Through Ra’s establishment of The Sophia Code Foundation, she has created a sacred space where survivors can heal and acquire skills that will provide them life-long support to help them in overcoming their trauma. Ra says, I created The Sophia Code Foundation to serve all of humanity through many different avenues, including ceremonial gatherings, and ascension rites of passage, as well as myriadother acts of healing.”

While Kaia Ra has established herself as a Divine Feminine teacher and speaker, she has also channeled her divinity into many other areas. She is a best-selling author, fine artist, and designer. Her book The Sophia Code has declared itself to be a living transmission and collected countless followers and devotees who praise its healing words.

The road to recovery following any traumatic event is dangerously paved, and hard to travel. Kaia Ra established The Sophia Code Foundation to illuminate this path and support all those who have been left to walk it alone.

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