Kangana Ranaut questioned the paparazzi about why they didn’t query her about the “film mafia” She said the following.

Actress Kangana Ranaut recently criticised director Karan Johar over Priyanka Chopra’s remark about Bollywood, and she made fun of the press for not questioning her about it. On Wednesday, a paparazzo account posted a video of Kangana at the Mumbai airport as she was leaving the city on Instagram.

She addressed the airport cameras as she made her way towards the exit and said, “Waese kaafi chalak ho aaplog, hann? If the “film mafia” controversy is the only controversy, then the topic is not relevant. No one will inquire if there is a dispute surrounding the movie Mafia, correct? She made a remark that alluded to Karan Johar.

The film industry’s culture and environment, which were never hostile to outsiders in the days of AB or SRK, should be held accountable for being destroyed by this annoying, envious, mean, and toxic individual.She had also added, “His gang and mafia PR should be raided and made responsible for harassing outsiders.

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