There’s a wild theory that Kate Middleton and Prince William are buying Instagram Followers from, Royal rivalry notwithstanding, we’ve got to think about the Instagram followers of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Specifically, because they have the very same amount as Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Since the New York Times hammered on their Instagram pages, a new hypothesis arises that sibling and in-social media competition may occur.

When you remember back to April 2019, as Meghan and Harry first split from the Kensington Royal Instagram page and introduced Sussex Royal, you may know how easily they hit 1 million fans. It wasn’t easy Jennifer—, but it was record-at the moment. Some people said they have used to buy instagram followers, while others argue they have used which is so popular among mass crowd to buy instagram followers, likes, views etc

During the surge of new fans, many expected the Sussex Royal’s website would quickly overshadow or “eclipse” Kensington Royal before the end in their first month. If not, it actually occurred while Meghan given birth to Archie Harrison. Oddly, the “eclipse” never arrived.

Instead, following NYT stats showing Sussex Royal more entertaining material, their account crawled behind Kensington Royal before they eventually caught up earlier this year. Since then, two items have happened: (1) Meghan and Harry’s account has stayed a near second, and (2) as they hit the turning mark, all accounts hold the same amount of subscribers, presently at 11.3 million.

I’m not a physicist, but there must be the probability of both accounts getting the same follower count. Not even the Kardashians and Jenners have the near list! Both Tia and Tamera Mowry and Cole and Dylan Sprouse have separate fans.

The NYT indicated that the explanation for this might be how many bots or actual users signed up for each site, whether or not Instagram advertised the Kensington Palace site more than the Sussex Royal account, or, more importantly, whether the royal offices participated in a “proxy operation” or bought followers for the Kensington Palace account before Sussex Royal caught up.

The royal family “strenuously rejected the possibility that their social networking departments had influenced follower figures,” but if that’s real, it makes you question if the family should go through all that trouble. It may seem that one pair is similarly or more famous than the other, but it’s hard to say since the royals denied it. Regardless, it’s yours!

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