Developing Your Practice of Spiritual Surrender 

On the journey to build the life we want for ourselves, it is common to become so focused on day-to-day mundane tasks that we lose sight of the higher purpose that drives it all in the first place. But setting and achieving goals doesn’t have to come at the cost of spiritual growth. John Highley strives to teach people how these two practices can not only operate in tandem, but how the latter can actually reinforce the former. Highley is an entrepreneur who has ownership in 6 companies and leader of the Marketing Savage Movement. His recent book, Marketing Savage, shares practical lessons for entrepreneurs. His chapter on the Spiritual Surrender has many great lessons that will be shared throughout this article. 

Highley shares in his new book about how he has spent decades curating his practice of spiritual surrender, learning from the greats, and adding his own wisdom along the way. But what does spiritual surrender actually look like? In practice, it is simply a morning ritual designed to keep one’s daily goals & life mission at the forefront of their mind. Highley understands that by tapping into our spiritual needs, we actually bring our material goals that much closer to becoming our reality, stating: “Most people spend their entire lives living for the flesh and never answering the calls of their own spirit.” 

It Begins With Meditation

While many people have heard of meditation, or perhaps practiced it fleetingly, Highley has a deeper understanding of how meditation can be used to achieve one’s goals. The simple act of mindful breathing is not only a powerful exercise in focus but allows us to connect our desires with our subconscious. Think of it this way: we are always breathing by knowing subconsciously that we need to breathe, our brain is then allowed to focus on higher functions. What if our goals and desires could function in the same way. When Highley meditates, he focuses on love and abundance, envisioning himself surrounded by all that he desires and holds dear. By connecting real-world goals with the breath, we allow our desires to function in the same way the breath does: subconsciously, but always at work. This allows us to direct our attention to the little tasks, without ever losing sight of our larger vision. 

The Power of The Written Word

Highley also encourages his students to keep a daily journal. Taking the time to track your thoughts or mindset in a specific moment allows you to be able to reflect on your progress later on. Highley states: “As humans, we tend to forget where we come from and feel as if we just landed where we are.” Journaling is valuable for visualizing future goals while also still giving yourself credit for all the things you have already accomplished. 

Plugging Into Your Higher Self 

Meditation and journaling both allow us the valuable ability to be in conversation with ourselves. But what if we could actually have that ability? If you could talk to your future self, what would you say? Highley actually visualizes this conversation and uses it as a valuable opportunity to ask advice from the highest possible version of himself. “All the answers are within ourselves,” he says, “yet we need to slow down and listen.” Highley has also adapted Napoleon’s Hill concept of the Imaginary Board Room, but rather than meeting with people he admires, he imagines a rotating group of imaginary consultants. For Highley, this creates the habit of thinking multidimensionally and considering a multitude of perspectives before making a decision. Hill’s concept directly applies to this practice of thinking multidimensionally. Highley encourages others to identify and study people who inspire them. By studying people you respect and admire, as well as familiarizing yourself with their specific abilities, you can weave the character traits you admire into your own pattern of thinking.

Taking the time to meditate, exercise, and listen to what your higher self has to say will allow you to tap into the power we all have within ourselves. Highley strives to help people identify tools to make that power more accessible, and in doing so, help them realize and achieve their goals, this is what the Spiritual Surrender is all about.

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