When you want to establish yourself on a digital platform, it requires special talents and hard work. For a versatile personality like Kevin, it is an easy task to do as his learning skills and talent to catch up with new learnings are tremendously well. Life has challenged him a lot. of times in his early working days, but his passionate and dedicated quality never allowed him to give up. He worked very hard and now he is here touching the sky of triumph.

Kevin Sacchi is a digital entrepreneur born in Italy in Crema in 1999 who found the well-known company KS Digital Force. Being an entrepreneur he enjoys being a creator too. His idea made him gain a large following of fans on various platforms. Also, he created a digital platform named ‘Triller’ which has a huge fan base around the globe. The app is more interesting than ‘Tiktok’ which gives its users a lot many features. They can without adding all the latest news that is coming of the possible storm of privacy used wrong in the wrong way by Tiktok. This app has the following of about 64 million active users with a total of 130 million all-time downloads, according to The Los Angeles Times. This is a very impressive number for any of the online platforms.Though Triller does not consider TikTok to be a direct competitor as the app is geared toward an older audience. After TikTok gets banned, the app allowed the creators to let their creativity be seen in the world. In March of this year, Triller collaborated with Snapchat and created a way for users to create content on Snapchat using songs available on both apps and then post it to their “Triller story.” This way, Triller has a method of reaching Snapchat’s 250 million daily active users.

With distinct motives, the two apps are considerably different. Triller commenced as a music video app with Tiktok stepping into the market as Musical.ly. The evident difference is that TikTok has an editing interface while Triller edits videos for the user. The prodigal CEO of KS Digital Force and the creator has found triller as a better alternative.

Apart from that, he got many other achievements in his list which is worth appreciating. He is called the world’s first INKFLUENCER. Many VIPs like Michelle Hunziker, J-Ax, Marracash, Nek, etc., Wore the Inkfluencer brand.

From our side, we wish him all the very best with his upcoming journey. May he reach a tremendous amount of success in his life.

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