Being young and following the passion rightly is not everyone’s cup of tea. Digital marketing is a very tough niche to get an establishment there. It requires really appreciable knowledge to get the name counted among the top digital entrepreneurs of the country. From being a normal school going teenager to becoming a successful digital entrepreneur, the journey of Kevin is totally applaudible.

Kevin Sacchi a young successful digital entrepreneur whose name is pronounced among the top names of Italian Digital Entrepreneurs. His journey from a school kid who was bullied, leading to the triumph of a famous social media manager and digital entrepreneur is truly worthy of all the appreciation.

Kevin’s Early Life.

Born in Crema (Italy) to Italian parents, Enrico Sacchi and Barbara Dondoni, belongs to a family with moral values and disciplined life style. His parents are free lancers and as it is said that a person’s first school is always his/her home and first teachers are the parents. And thus, proving it very obvious and accurate, he got motivated by his parents and seeing them working passionately, he got himself involved in various activities like learning martial arts, and eventually he ended up working in several movies as a stunt artist.

Holding the diploma course degree in computer science gave him a kick start and he got himself indulged in the technical world in a very auspicious way and got immense help in establishing himself as a digital entrepreneur.

Kevin’s Laudable Work.

Kevin’s engagement into lots of projects proves his delightful enthusiasm and efforts he had put in past into his work to stand at a place where he is now. His work revolve around managing the branding of different brands and several companies. He has been declared as the official brand ambassador of the renowned (music video app ) Triller, in Italy.

His meticulous way of planning things out have got him name and fame in the country. He is known for managing various social media platforms of celebrities around the nation. He has endrosed himself with numerous renowned brands like Adidas, Nike, and Rolex. This list is unending.

Kevin’s World class accomplishment.

Kevin is recognised among country’s top influencers and digital entrepreneurs. His identity has gained so much recognition in past few years because of his tireless efforts and hardwork. Kevin is the founder and CEO of the company, KS DIGITAL FORCE, which has 1500 celebrities accompanied with it. Kevin is awarded with “The Best Italian Social Media Manager” and “The best digital entrepreneur under 30 in the world”. Because of his impeccable social media management skills. One unique and one of it’s kind, kind of award was also given to Kevin, which was the world’s first masterpiece kind of and that is “THE INKFLUENCER”.

Kevin deserves all the triumph, we wish his all the paths to success, be filled with gold and glitter!

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