Producer Kronatix is a young aspiring music producer who came about on SoundCloud around 2018. With collaborations with Southside, 808 Mafia, Murda Beatz, Zaytoven, and Bhunna Phlexn, he has made a name for himself as a producer within a few years of stepping into the music industry. His name originated from his gaming background. He went by many names on Xbox, but Kronatix was the name that stuck with him. Kronatix used to be a big well-known gamer in the Call of Duty sniping community. He was a graphic designer and team manager for many well-known YouTube Sniping Organizations. Born in Dayton Ohio, he went to Carroll High School where he played football, then went onto college to continue playing football at Thomas More University while pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems. 

Prior to making beats, Kronatix was a gamer on Xbox and graphic designer for multiple well-known YouTube Sniping Organizations and Competitive Sniping teams back from 2009 to 2011. A few team names include OpTic, FaZe, Dare, Darth, eRa, Skyz, Instinct, rM, P7, and many other teams. With a twitch account that has accumulated over a million views and 30K+ followers, he left the gaming scene to enter the music industry.

Kronatix started making music at an early age, playing the drums, piano, the flute, and other various instruments as a kid. In High School he began to write lyrics, then a few years later he started making beats. Kronatix used the DAW called Reaper to start off, after a year of using Reaper he switched to FL Studio. Kronatix has gotten inspiration from various producers and artists, but his main inspirations come from Murda Beatz and 808 Mafia.
Kronatix has 12K+ SoundCloud followers and a lifetime of 15+ million plays on SoundCloud. You can find him on Instagram @KingKronatix with over 280K followers.

After releasing instrumental collaborations with other well-known producers, his SoundCloud became well-known, generating millions of plays on releases. His collaborations alone stand out the most with his releases of “Throne” featuring Phlexn, “Blessed” and “Krown” featuring Murda Beatz, and “I Invented Trap” Episode and “Southside” featuring 808 Mafia. All of these releases are inspired by these producers with the use of their signature sounds. His future plans are to continue collaborating with other great minds in the music industry to one day get a placement with a major artist.

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