On Nov 18, multinational beauty company, Coty, announced that it has entered into a “long-term strategic partnership” with Kylie Jenner. The $600 million dollar deal gives Coty a 51% ownership stake in Kylie’s makeup company. 

In the official press release, Coty stated their goal is to “jointly build and further develop Kylie’s existing beauty business into a global powerhouse brand”. 

However, this news still comes off the back of recent accusations by fans that Kylie Jenner has undergone plastic surgery. Many have speculated over the years that she has had a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty, and a brazillian butt lift. She has never admitted to having had any major cosmetic procedures. However, the public remains skeptical. 

What she has admitted to though is getting lip and face fillers. 

These visits to doctors like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville could actually be a risk for her billion dollar makeup brand. Fans may become frustrated with the fact that even Kylie cannot accomplish every cosmetic tweak with makeup alone. 

Kylie’s multi-million dollar deal with Coty Inc. 

Coty Inc. is already a prominent player in the beauty business. They currently have nearly 77 brands in their portfolio. These include Calvin Klein, Guess, Adidas, Dolce & Gabbana, Lacoste, Marc Jacobs, and many other successful brands. 

The details of their acquisition of Kylie’s makeup business is rather straightforward. For 51% ownership, Coty will pay Kylie $600 million dollars. This values Kylie’s company at $1.2 billion dollars. 

Kylie and Coty will then work together going forward as partners. Their strategic priorities to begin with will focus on “global expansion and entry into new beauty categories”. 

The brand will not lose its Kylie flair, though. According to the press release, Kylie will continue to “lead all creative efforts”. This means her and her team will still have great influence in product development, marketing, and communications initiatives. 

Chairman of Coty’s Board of Directors, Peter Harf, said:

“This new partnership between Kylie and Coty is an exciting step in Coty’s renewed emphasis on its beauty business. Kylie is a modern-day icon, with an incredible sense of the beauty consumer, and we believe in the high potential of building a global beauty brand together.”

Some reports claim the brand will be renamed to “Kylie Beauty”, however this is not mentioned in the press release. 

Fans still think she’s had cosmetic surgery by someone like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville 

Even though Kylie Jenner no longer has a majority stake in her company, she is still the face of the brand. The fact that she has admitted to getting fillers from talented specialists like the best plastic surgeon in Louisville could potentially be risky. And as the company grows, she will likely face even more scrutiny over her use of injectables. 

Many women – and men – of all ages look to Kylie as a beauty and makeup icon. However, if she continues to use injectables on herself, fans and customers may see her advertised makeup looks as unachievable. And they will likely perceive Kylie as inauthentic.

Instead, they might just start doing what all the video vixens (example: Rich Life Forever rap video) and go under the knife.

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