Learn how to create firm & long-lasting partnerships in business by the incredibly talented entrepreneur Maziar Rajabi

Know the basics of building robust partnerships in businesses for making an impact & a difference in your industry.

When people set out to become entrepreneurs, they have a common dream to fulfill – to become successful in their business ventures & also gain a good reputation in their particular industries. And, the chances of making a business prosper faster is through partnering with the right people who with their expertise & knowledge can help make the company a successful venture for people to remember for years to come. Partnerships can be any like a co-founder, an advisor, a mentor or even strategic business partners. Finding the right person as a partner for your business is highly vital for developing & transforming your business into a profitable one.

Maziar Rajabi is one such visionary who started his career at a very young age by being a senior partner at a Canadian company called Canadian Green Solutions Inc. After becoming a shareholder of an Italian company named Mattioli S.A.S, he learned the advanced skills of marketing & IT by working as a manager in those fields. And, then for International Business Advisory for foreign companies in Iraq, he was even positioned as a senior partner. Rajabi changed his life forever by partnering Iraq’s most famous oil service company dealing in bitumen products called “Verse Oil Service”. Today he has turned the business into a more lucrative one with his marketing strategies, ideas & innovations. He created a website for the same to reach the global bitumen market & become world famous by ranking first on Google search results with his efforts.

Well, who better than Maziar Rajabi to make new entrepreneurs understand the importance of creating long-lasting & powerful partnerships in business with a few simple tips.

  • Provide value to your partnership without any expectations: Focusing only on what you will get in return from your business partner is a negative attitude, Rajabi says. Work more on nurturing the partnership & offer value to potential partners by being naturally curious. Rajabi believes that when one does something for others, it is likely to get reciprocated in a business scenario. Providing more value to your partners without expecting anything in return will only lead to creating a more trusted relationship.
  • Adopting the right strategy to ask for partnership: When you realise you have found the potential advisor, mentor or partner for your business, whose ideas align with yours for the business, you must also know the way to reach out to them to ask for their partnership. Rajabi explains that it is important to schedule a time to talk with them to ask for their advice on something; this can prove to be great strategy for rolling them into your business as it will show your interest & curiosity to learn from them.
  • Network, network & network: With the advent of social media, it has become more accessible for people to connect, but unfortunately it connects with a long-list of contacts as well where it becomes challenging to remember all. Rajabi recommends people to attend live events, particular to their industries to get in touch more with the right set of partners. When you meet someone in person, it creates a different impact on that individual & shows how intrigued you are as a businessman. This makes your potential partner remember you & naturally helps in establishing a rapport.

However, Rajabi also points out that over the years, he has maintained a cordial business relationship with everyone he came across because he believes that every person has something valuable to offer you in business. Also, you can learn from each person you meet during the course to expand your business ideas & explore new opportunities that come your way. But, most importantly, it is the ability you develop to construct stronger partnerships that define you as a successful entrepreneur.

Rajabi is a powerful example of the same where he has proved himself by building robust partnerships that have helped him & his businesses to prosper across many countries.

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