1000+ Sellers Officially Selling on the Letsbiz App! They are Building a Bigger Ecosystem by Websites, Digital marketing & Much More.

At the Letsbiz Headquarters located in Ahmedabad,

In a Media Interview with Mr. Harsh Sevani, Founder & CEO at Letsbiz.

He mentioned that “We have successfully captured the markets; we are now a size of 1000+ sellers & 10,000+ Products on the letsbiz app, Currently Team Letsbiz is focusing upon the expansion parts, working with investors & are also working on building a complete digital solution ecosystem, where we are building premium ecommerce stores for businesses and handling their digital marketing aswell. Our USP is our Quality Service & the Prices we offer.” He also mentioned that the next letsbiz app update will come with free delivery services for local businesses & free website creations too!

Technology is growing fast! & who would have imagined opening and running a business online & earn a living out of it. Thanks to firms like letsbiz, who are helping businesses grow online.

Letsbiz App provides a platform to Businesses for showing their Products/Services to (nearby) Customers as well as Businesses for Free.

Founder Harsh Sevani, having experience in the Textile Retail industry, observed that due to the online world the offline local business are going down day by day. And selling online is difficult for these sellers both technologically and financially.

Not everyone can set-up their own website or store on some e-commerce website, and can afford to pay for hosting and commission.

So he founded Letsbiz, a mobile app on which sellers can easily upload their products for free and can increase their offline revenue.

And within the span of a year built a team of 150+ members with their Headquarters in Ahmedabad and teams spread in the major cities like Surat and Bangalore, also  the seas in Australia and US.

How Letsbiz Works?

On the Letsbiz mobile app, business owners can upload their products and services with photos, price and description. 

Businesses will have their own Profile just like their personal Website where they can display photos of their shop, showcase their products, give discounts and offers, provide their contact information and location.

Letsbiz is both B2C and B2B platform. So the interested buyers can directly contact the seller either through call or directly visiting their shop or by inbuilt chat feature on the app.

The best thing about this app is that it is easy to use even for non tech savvy people and it’s completely free.

The company does not earn from commission or any sort of fixed term payment. So now the seller can sell on a nominal price that is not other ecommerce websites.

How is it Beneficial for Local Market?

One of the most useful features of Letsbiz app is that it shows you the best sellers in your local area.

This is going to be a game changer for the local sellers because now people could browse the products just like online shopping and can get them at lower prices from their nearest shop.

It’s a WIN-WIN situation for both Sellers and their Customers.

Recovering from COVID

During the Pandemic when the entire world was locked inside their homes, the local sellers were affected the most because their entire business ran offline.

And they weren’t able to sell online because of all the complexities.

But luckily now that problem is solved by Letsbiz.

Now customers can easily browse the products from their homes, communicate with the seller directly and then the seller can deliver the products.

Letsbiz is providing huge relief to the sellers after this pandemic and that’s why Letsbiz has 450+ registered businesses and 1k+ active users in the first 15 days of launch. 


“Letsbiz is our contribution to Aatmnirbhar Bharat. Our mission is to make our Sellers Aatmnirbhar of other ecommerce websites. And that is why on my app the business owners have all the control and we do not interfere or take any commission from them.”, says founder Harsh.