Founded in 2015, Liesheng Technology is a company having multiple business areas and excellent performance especially in the field of wireless audio and smart wearables. In just a few years, the company’s business has covered more than 100 countries and regions around the world, serving tens of millions of users, and has now grown into a global consumer electronics brand company.

In 2017, Liesheng Technology built their own brand Haylou for young consumers in response to different market layout. The brand’s first TWS earbuds – HAYLOU GT1 was welly recognized by global young consumers once launched and became a star hot style product globally. Then the company launched its smart wearables – Haylou Smart Watch and Haylou Solar, with both sales exceeding 10 million, becoming a new star in the industry with strong ability to create star hot style products.

Its products have successively won the “IAI Global Design Gold Award” and “Japanese VGP Award”. The company has brought more user-friendly product using experience and improved the comprehensive competitiveness of products with optimized product design as well as technology innovation, gradually strengthening their own competitive advantages in the market.

With the successful establishment of consumer electronics brand Haylou, Liesheng has become a leading enterprise with great strengths in the field of wireless audio and smart wearables. In the future, Liesheng Technology will continue to explore and innovate in the field of consumer healthcare, IOT, and big data, creating a new intelligent life for consumers with hardware as the entrance, software as the platform, and big data as the center.

“Improve everyone’s life quality via data” is Liesheng Technology’s mission and belief which continuously guides Liesheng’s development. Liesheng will continue to dedicated to product research, brand operations and the industry chain of “intelligent hardware & algorithm technology & intelligent services” covering office, healthcare, sports, entertainment and other scenarios, so that everyone can enjoy the intelligent experience brought by technology.

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