Mark Pugachev is a young businessman, public figure and co-founder of a number of successful projects. Lives in Miami, and his life is the same dolce vita. He is the official partner of GQ Miami and co-founder of Miami. But our story today is about how he managed to found a company from scratch, known among the business elite around the world.

Mark was born in Chita in 1989 into a military family. He tells about himself that he was always fascinated by creative people, as they are extraordinary, with their “troubles”, but it is they who see deeper and more colorful, they have a different mindset, and this sets them apart from the crowd. For his successful career, he is, in many ways, grateful to the talented people with whom he was surrounded. Communicating with them, he developed his own talent – to bring any business to the end. Talking about success, Mark adds that the main keys to success are commitment and a clear understanding of what you want. But this is not enough either. “You need to use long-distance running tactics in life,” “don’t rush right away and“ don’t miss the opportunities presented ”.

Pugachev moved to Moscow in 2013, where he received a higher education in economics. He started working early, since childhood he showed the qualities of an entrepreneur, was extremely independent and far-sighted, and at the same time he had this creative streak that helped him find non-standard ideas and operate with small budgets, squeezing the maximum of opportunities out of any chances.

Pugachev’s career began in 2007 as a programmer, later he rose to the position of the head of a reputable company.

Before the opening of its most famous project, which we will discuss below, the Pugachev brand was already known in the elite circles in Moscow. Pugachev is known as a successful restaurateur and clothing store owner. Among the most famous projects are Pugachev karaoke and the Del Mare restaurant.

Concierge service for millionaires

Since 2014, Mark Pugachev has been developing a business for the Russian-speaking population in the dream city of Miami – Pugachev concierge service, which has become synonymous with a luxurious lifestyle. The greeting on the site boldly declares – Welcome to paradise, which makes you immediately understand that it is for selected clients. The company provides a wide range of concierge services for VIP clients to embody any ideas. The list of services is limited only in your fantasies: renting luxury cars, apartments, yachts, private jets, and, of course, organizing events and an unforgettable vacation in the USA and Europe. And in this whirlwind of events, the company gives a feeling of reliability and confidence. You can get the most out of your stay in the most heavenly corners of the world.

457 partners around the world are connected to the Pugachev Concierge Service platform. With the help of a wide network of partners, the company can offer customers different service options in various cities around the world. For example, a customer requested a Lamborghini in Monaco. The operator quickly finds all rental companies through this platform, and the client is offered the best price and quality. In the fleet for customers there is an opportunity to order such cars as: Lamborghini, Ferrari, Rolls Royce, Bugatti, McLaren, Cayenne, Porsche, Aston Martin, Btley, Maserati and other luxury cars that can be ordered with or without a driver.

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