The new way we have found ourselves living due to COVID has changed the way we shop for all sorts of items. One of them being on the fashion market. Consumers no longer are able to simply walk into a store and try on clothing that appeals to them. They’re simply forced to use computers or mobile devices to trust that the clothing they choose in the size they select will fit and be authentic in its brand. There is another problem with shopping online: Trust! Any random person can get on a P2P marketplace and make an appealing ad. How do you trust the person behind the ad?

Well, a new model of online fashion is taking off at an explosive rate: The mystery box. This is a model that puts the fun back in the experience of shopping. The catch is that you just don’t know exactly what you’re going to get in the box! The box could contain any number of items of any value. It adds mystery and most importantly, fun to your shopping experience.

Lootie is one of the better mystery box sites out there. They alone are restructuring the way you shop online. Lootie specializes in streetwear and fashion, but they also offer tech goodies, all in one place! They’re renowned by sneaker collectors and anyone interested in Hypebeast clothing. Lootie offers a solution to the problem that was mentioned earlier, the fact that consumers have to choose from different official sites, or they have to use a suspicious third-party provider. Lootie is a bit unique in its operation. Let’s say you want a new Apple product but don’t know what you want. Lootie allows you to buy an Apple-specific mystery box. Now you know you’ll get an authentic Apple product, you just don’t know which one!

Not only is Lootie making a more thrilling and safe experience for the consumer, it also provides exposure and another avenue for merchants to showcase their product lines. For example, buy an Apple mystery box and that brand gets increased demand due to Lootie sourcing products directly from the manufacturer.

You’re probably wondering: What set’s Lootie above the competition? Why Lootie in particular over any number of sites? Take a look at Lootie’s growth in the midst of a global health pandemic, Lootie hit 1,000,000 registered users within a few months of launch, and the users haven’t stopped piling in yet! Not only has the fashion clothing industry been swept off its feet, so have other industries such as tech.

This sort of success from a service tends to introduce ‘copy-cats’ into the mix. Which as a whole is good for the entire industry, since people will naturally come from other mediums, and make inadvertent discoveries of new clothing or even new tech. This is just a single way in which Lootie has saved consumers and fashion brands alike! After all, it’s simple. The larger any industry becomes, the more room new and aspiring merchants have to come into their own and benefit from these services.

There is another way that Lootie is saving the day as well. Referencing the recent changes in our way of life due to COVID, the economy is not doing well, and unemployment is higher than it’s been in a long time. As a result, most consumers don’t have the disposable income to spare on high-end merchandise. Lootie enables your average consumer to access high-end fashion merchandise at a much more reasonable entry price. Instead of buying a new Supreme hoodie at an alarming price, Lootie gives the consumer the option to purchase a mystery box at a lower price.

These reasons are just a few of the reasons why Lootie is on it’s own road to the top of the fashion e-commerce sector. Say goodbye to being unable to emulate your favorite artists because your budget doesn’t support it. Lootie gives the same opportunity to everyone, the opportunity to purchase Hypebeast mystery boxes at a much more palatable price point. The mystery aspect of the boxes is just an added benefit. You can see for yourself in Lootie’s unboxing hall of fame. There have been users receiving MacBooks, Gaming Laptops; users have even received Rolexes from their mystery boxes!

Lootie is one of the very few sites on the web that supplies authentic merch from many well known high end brands on one platform, but also at a much more affordable price for average consumers. With over 1 million registered users in under a year of operation, not to mention, in the midst of a global pandemic, the stats on Lootie seem to speak for themselves. Lootie has even scored a 4.8 on Trustpilot. Lootie has ushered in a new era of online retailers, one not dominated by dishonest merchants and customers alike.

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