Bryan Quaranto is a well known artist and entrepreneur who has shared with us five tips for maintaining a healthy brain. It is very important to keep our mind balanced because our brain has to last about 80-100+ years. Our brain acts as a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom. Therefore, mental health should be our top priority these days. CEO of Dreamwood Media, Bryan Quaranto, shares his top tips for maintaining a healthy brain. You can also check on his website.

Water and Environment:

Water: Drinking plenty of water is a very good aspect of maintaining a healthy brain. Per day we should drink on average seven gallons of water. An interesting fact is that our brain is mostly made up of water. Therefore, it should be our first priority in consumption. Moreover, water is very good for removing toxins and supplying nutrients to our brain. If you wanted to increase your brain power you should keep your brain hydrated. 

Environment: Our surrounding environment can be a very important factor in the determining of mental health. Our environment describes our mood. Our work environment, home, family life, and friends play an important role in the stability of our mental health. Our surroundings can also disturb our state of mind as if we are sitting in a bad environment like a house near a traffic area.

Meditation, Exercise and Sleeping:  

Meditation: It is very important to maintain focus and balance in our everyday work and home life. Meditation is also considered a key to unlock our day to day happiness. Our brain stops processing the information that acts as the norm when we meditate. Our brain processes information which can be indicated by a decrease in beta waves. It will increase our function and ability 10 fold, even taking 5 minutes out of our day to focus on one thing. In the beginning, meditation can be difficult, but after consistent practice, it becomes easier.

Exercise: It is also considered an important factor in maintaining a healthy brain. Our brain is exposed to more oxygen and nutrients, as blood flow in our body increases. Endorphin is a hormone that is supplied to our brain which comes from daily activity. It can be increased by exercise like walking and running. By doing exercise, we can also feel free from stress and anxiety. Exercise also helps in the stimulating growth of new cells which is very important for the growth of brain plasticity.  Sleeping: To keep our brain healthy, sleep is a very important factor. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night is the best method to keep our brain healthy. It is common for many entrepreneurs that they suffer from sleep problems due to stress and anxiety. A natural sleeping remedy such as melatonin helps us to regulate our sleep. Spinal fluid is pumped more quickly throughout the brain when we sleep. Sleep is also very important for the growth of the mind. Physicians say if you don’t get enough sleep you can suffer from a serious mental disorder.   

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