Making people create their own travel story through his Instagram page called “Resort” is Rasmus Peter Kristensen

Making people create their own travel story through his Instagram page called “Resort” is Rasmus Peter Kristensen

Rasmus, the famous travel influencer has some excellent travel tips for people planning to explore the world.

People may hop from one place to another and call it travelling. Well, to each his own. However, what is important to note here is that people are making that little effort to see the different side of the world and are choosing travel as a way to get rid of their daily lives for some time at least. It is great to know that more and more people are making that tough decision of their lives and are getting ready to take on the world with the aim to learn something new and connect with their own selves by exploring the world. One such travel explorer, lover and influencer is Rasmus Peter Kristensen, who since so many years has been into travelling and also has been an inspiration to many.

He along with his wife are always ready to explore yet another travel destination, stay at exquisite resorts and 5-star hotels so that they can even spread awareness of all such places and also share their experiences to the world. For this, Rasmus initiated a page on Instagram called “Resort”, which is exclusively for all such travel lovers who can share more information about hotels, resorts, places, they stay and visit and tag @resort on the platform where others can get to know more about that particular destination.

However, there are some essential travel tips as well, which Rasmus doesn’t want to miss sharing with us as he believes people must keep these basic things in mind while travelling.

  • Never forget to carry a local map: This may sound like a teacher instruction, but Rasmus says that this is one of the most basic things that people forget while travelling, considering they’ll figure out everything on the journey through their phone. He says that it is essential to carry maps of local places as not all locations can be exactly tracked by the internet every time. Also, people must not shy away from taking the help of locals when needed.

  • Go solo travelling at least once: Once during the entire trip and your journey, one must at least solo travel to someplace at the destination, to feel more independent, says Rasmus. This gives an individual opportunity to learn many things like handling any situation all by themselves, figuring out places, meeting the locals, having conversations with them, etc.

  • Make a visit to the local tourism office: This is a good habit, says Rasmus as the local tourism office would guide people about everything that happens in the town. They may also help them with various ongoing events or free activities and may also offer discounts on attractions and transportation, etc.

  • Carry minimal things when you step out: Visiting a new place also means you do not know much about it and that’s why primarily you are visiting to explore the place and its beauty. However, while doing all this, it is also important to be aware and carry minimal things like limited cash, only one credit card or ATM card so that if anything happens, one can easily recover it.

Calling himself a world citizen, Rasmus has always lived a life for travelling and exploring each and every corner of the world has made him a more learned individual. He says that people through Resort can come together on a common interest of travelling and make it easier for each other to choose a destination by sharing their views and experiences on the hotels, resorts and other places of the world. They can even get the chance to get featured on Resort after tagging them.

Rasmus believes in making memories and also living in the moment by travelling the world and that’s how he inspires more and more people to be a leading travel influencer.

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