No one was certain what will happen in 2020 especially because of the coronavirus pandemic which has encompassed the whole world.  But because of the lockdown around the world, we have found many of the new sensations in the music industry which has amazed us. Similar kids have been seen by finding a new rapper in the music industry named MC David J. 

The singer has become popular by releasing the music album named “Ever Since”. The music album is for all ages and it has 12 tracks the people can enjoy.  “You Know” Is the First track of the music album and it is the most popular in the world. In the music, he has told the people his journey and how he became a rapper and that is why the people are in love with this music track and till now they have got around 2 lakh views. 

If you want to know about this rather than he is from Georgia America. In 2016 he went into the music industry and since then he has been doing the tasks to make a mark in the music industry. Many fans are in love with this rapper and that is why he is generating new music by the day for the fans. He is the executive producer, Self-proclaimed rapper, and if people want to listen to him then they can connect with him on the YouTube channel. 

At the young age of 25, this rapper belongs to Atlanta and he is planning to show his excellence in the future in the music world. In his path, he has seen many problems but that didn’t stop him. Music was always his passion and he made new melodies and new tones to make a mark in the music world. If you want to listen to his song then you can connect with him on Spotify. His music is available without any trouble.  You can also listen to him on the YouTube channel where he has uploaded many of the music tracks. 

Since social media is very popular today and there are many music personnel who have an account on social media this rapper has also made an account on Instagram where you can connect with him.   You can ask him the questions without any hesitation and he will be more than happy to reply to your queries. On Instagram, he will also be so very happy to tell you about his music struggle and how he came here.

During the coronavirus pandemic, there have not been many diseases from the music industry and also from the movie industry but still, you can listen to the album that was released in 2020 where he has showcased his struggle and also the music and melodies he has created have been very amazing.  He has also created the software by which he can make his new beats which will be mesmerizing for the fans.

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