Meet Alois Köhle – Austrian Entrepreneur Plans To Educate People About Online Marketing

Meet Alois Köhle – Austrian Entrepreneur Plans To Educate People About Online Marketing

Online marketers these days carry a huge responsibility on their shoulders after striving to lead the industry in a constantly changing world and to promote their online business superlatively to generate more customers, more attention and more sales. Today we would like to introduce you to a true digital expert and visionary. Alois Köhle, born in Innsbruck, has made a name for himself in online marketing.

The entrepreneur first crossed his path with the term online marketing when he created a account, an online platform to promote classic digital products on a commission basis. These first steps opened the door for him to fundamental online marketing strategies.

Alois started earning a substantial income through part-time online marketing while he was still at school and turned his passion into his profession at the same time. A little later he became one of the youngest and noteworthy online marketers in the german-speaking area. This marked a milestone in his career. Through his collaboration with internet giants like „Aweber“ and „Getresponse“, his path led him to the swiss entrepreneur Robert Michel Junior, who became one of his major business partners in 2013. The duo produced its first digital information product via affiliate marketing and sold it on digistore24 another affiliate marketing platform. Today you can see Köhle with the CEO of digistore24 at various events. The two have become good friends.

Later in 2014, the young entrepreneur became an unbound sales partner for a large American blogging community. After only 18 months he became a sales partner and became one of the 16 most influential affiliates of the entire company.

In 2015 Alois Köhle moved to the capital of Austria, Vienna to develop the Investment Punk Academy with the well known real estate investor Gerald Hörhan. This Academy has become one of the largest training platforms in the German-speaking world. With more than 4,500 members and over 32 mentors, this platform is still available today. In 2018 Alois Köhle aroused his interest in the real estate business and established AK Immo, which sells, buys, rents and renovates real estate as an agency.

In addition to founding several successful online shops and an influencer platform called, Alois Köhle has even more ideas and companies to stay at the forefront of nowadays online marketing.

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