Meet Cornel Herold, changing the game of app business for the better with his astute entrepreneurial skills.

He is one of the youngest entrepreneurs of Hungary and has made it huge as a coach, mentor and app developer.

The world is already filled with tons of talents across business industries and sectors. Looking at them, one may wonder what could be the reasons behind their exponential rise and massive success? Though there are numerous factors, no one can deny that real passion and the hunger to offer value to people, with the ability to make the most of the opportunities and even creating newer ones, can turn ordinary individuals into extraordinary success stories, says one of the most promising young entrepreneurial talents named Cornel Herold.

Who is Cornel Herold, you ask? Well, this young entrepreneur is all of 18 years of age. Yes, you read that right. He has taken over the entrepreneurial world in the app business like a true blue professional being a teenager from Hungary, which has taken people by surprise as they are fascinated by the kind of success he has attained so far, thriving off of his innate skills, talents and the drive to cross boundaries in the app developing space.

What has even more attracted people’s attention is that Cornel Herold has already created a flourishing career for himself as a versatile talent, who manages the hats of an entrepreneur, mentor, coach and app developer, making 7-figures annually. He created such massive success by building 5 apps within a span of a year, earning more than 1 million dollars. This pretty much proves the kind of talent Cornel Herold is and the kind of momentum he can achieve even in the coming years. His apps are available on Google Play and Apple Store.

To expand his portfolio and dive deeper into the industry, Cornel Herold went ahead in spreading his knowledge of app development with his unique mentorship program called the App Formula Masterclass. This masterclass is an educational programme, which helps people to launch their own profitable apps. From teaching students to come up with an idea to marketing the app and to ultimately generating revenue through the same is what his masterclass is all about. This has propelled Cornel Herold as a sought-after mentor and coach in the industry in such a short period.

However, the highlight of his coaching program is that he teaches the business model without having to learn any coding knowledge. Cornel Herold reveals that he has had a rollercoaster of a ride so far, where he started with doing various online businesses. But, when he saw the immense potential in the app business, he worked around it and realized that with the right ideas, one could create a successful career in the same even without any coding knowledge. He now shares his secrets with other aspiring young entrepreneurs through his coaching program and makes sure they create their success stories just like he did.

Cornel Herold considers teaching over 100 people personally in his program to be his biggest success so far. He loves to teach others and wants to continue sharing his knowledge, positively impacting people.

Connect with him through Instagram or visit the website, to know more.

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