People often say a person can be successful if one opts for more than one career option. But in today’s world, anything is possible if one is determined to do so. KenVince is one of those people who has proven to the world that if one is passionate about their work, they can simply achieve success. At present, KenVince is a rising rapper as well as a very successful sales worker in the car dealership.

Born on 17th December 1993 in Detroit, Michigan, KenVince is a man full of enthusiasm. Completing his high school in the Twin Cities, Minnesota Area, he later graduated from Full Sail University in recording engineering. Other than working as a salesperson in a car dealership, he is also an active artist when it comes to music. Growing up, he never thought he would become a musician. According to KenVince, he fell in love with music when he joined the drumline. “I decided since I wasn’t really into sports and Boy Scouts basically put me to sleep that joining drum line was the best route for me and so I pursued it,” he adds. He further mentions: “By the age of 13 I was reading music and doing poetry open mics”.

Working in the music industry for years now, KenVince has faced several setbacks which were not only physically exhausting but also mentally draining. But it did not demotivate him; instead, he fought hard and became the successful artist he is today. KenVince believes God moves every series of events through the universe. He believes in putting God before anything.

In his career, KenVince has gained some notable achievements as a musician. One of his biggest achievements includes landing a job as a Sound Technician for Royal Caribbean’s International Cruise line.

Generally speaking, he looks forward to working with different artists, creating more music, and touching people’s hearts with his soulful music. Thus, through hard work, courage, and determination, KenVince is on the way to establishing himself as one of the most successful recording artists in the industry.

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