Meet Youmna Khoury – The Fashion Influencer from Lebanon

Youmna Khoury is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Middle East. Youmna is not somebody who was brought into the world already spoiled out of her mind. She needed to work hard to arrive at where she is presently. Her diligent effort and steadiness have transformed her into an incredibly successful entrepreneur. There is no uncertainty about the fact that Youmna is the genuine portrayal of an autonomous lady. She has never avoided to think ambitiously and that has played consummately into her hands. Aside from simply thinking ambitiously, she likewise buckled down towards transforming her dreams into reality and actually working hard for it.   

Youmna started by opening her own salon in Lebanon and then eventually created an online store.Her online store is called Youmi Online Shop. You can visit this online store by going to the website: As somebody who maintained a successful salon business, Youmna has consistently been intrigued by everything related to beauty, design and excellence. Consequently, her online store is additionally identified with style and magnificence. She sells the top quality false lashes, stunning hair extensions and the perfect contact lenses to cause her customers to feel beautiful and incredible about themselves. Her items are produced using the best materials, accordingly, not saving on quality for even the slightest bit. Through her online store, Youmi, she causes her customers to stay aware of the freshest trends in the fashion   business.         

When discussing everything identified with style and way of life, Youmna Khoury is one of the cutting-edge names you can consider. With 574k Instagram devotees, she oozes excellence and style. With her stylish ensembles and fun Instagram feed, she has collected a colossal number of supporters from everywhere the world. There is no uncertainty about the way that Youmna Khoury is the encapsulation of design, excellence and way of life!

Aside from design and way of life, Youmna additionally transfers a few recordings with respect to her fitness. In this manner, making her page assorted and something that individuals from varying backgrounds can identify with. Youmna accepts that style, wellness, and way of life all go connected at the hip and praise each other well overall. Style and wellness are both pieces of a way of life that everybody needs to embrace. As indicated by Youmna these are a few things in life that you should consistently appreciate to cause yourself to feel better. Thus, making her an amazing and successful fashion influencer and style icon.

Youmna Khoury now resides in Dubai with her family. Her online business is very successful and her clients are extremely happy with the products/assets she sells. Youmna is planning to increase and expand her business even more to cater to a wider range of audience. She is even planning to start an E-commerce venture soon, so sit tight for that. There is no doubt that Youmna is a hard working girl and runs successful businesses like a boss!